FAFSA Connecticut began as a multi-agency initiative designed to raise the number of New Haven students applying for federal aid for college.

In time, the effort was expanded to students throughout New Haven County and now throughout the State of Connecticut. In Oct. 2020, students from more than 60 cities signed up to participate in the program’s virtual FAFSA workshops. In Jan. 2021, the partnership broadened further with the Connecticut College Bound partners — the Connecticut State Department of Education, the College Board, New Haven Promise, the Connecticut Association of Financial Aid Administrators (CAPFAA), the Connecticut Conference of Independent Colleges, the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities and the University of Connecticut.

Jorgieliz Casanova, Director of FAFSA Connecticut, is the driving force behind events related to FAFSA Connecticut.

A former New Haven Promise Scholar and a 2017 graduate of Albertus Magnus College, Casanova oversees Scholar & Alumni Engagement for New Haven Promise, a role that has impacted countless scholars through academic, financial and career counseling.

Casanova was selected as a recipient of the New Haven Promise Legacy Award, which is annually bestowed upon recent graduates who have demonstrated a deep commitment to their studies, fellow scholars and the City of New Haven. She is also a Fellow at Pierson College at Yale University.