New Haven’s College Commitment

Opportunities abound for college-bound students in New Haven.

The Yale University-funded New Haven Promise not only helps students financially, the program leverages its benefits to increase institutional grants for recipients and it provides a link between the scholars and the business community.

In addition, the New Haven Scholarship Fund has been supporting Elm City students for more than five decades. There is also a wide range of other scholarships which run from the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven.

But an anchor to all this educational opportunity is access to federal financial aid in the form of Pell Grants. If students navigate all the paperwork, it is not uncommon for New Haveners to fund more than 70 percent of their post-secondary education through grants and scholarships.

About 600 scholars will receiving funding by New Haven Promise during the 2016-17 school year and they will receive more than $9 million this year alone for their college studies in the forms of Promise, Pell grants, additional scholarship and institutional grants.

To ensure this kind of assistance for students, FAFSA New Haven is committed to providing support in navigating the college process, including filing for federal aid.

If we can ensure that no money is left on the table, we can expect an increase in positive outcomes for our students.